hello and thank you for visiting my web page. please forgive all of my grammar and spelling errors.  my problems are way beyond "spell check".


my higher education began at hampshire collage where i focused in photography and film studies.  i was there for only 2 years but it took me a decade to deprogram my brain from their insane teachings.  i ultimately graduated from school of visual arts in nyc.  i planned to go to grad school at afi but i never sent in the application although i filled it out many times.

my professional career began shooting two feature films for the director amir naderi, "marathon" and "sound barrier".  around 2000 naderi sent out an email looking for a dp and i some how got on the mailing list.  it turned out that we literally lived around the corner from each other in nyc’s east village.  i think he hired me because he liked the idea that the first person he met over a computer lived around the corner from him.

people started noticing my work after the 1st film i shot for ramin bahrani, called "man push cart".  i was nominated for a spirit award for it and had a nice article in american cinematographer magazine.  strangely that film led to a lot of documentary work because people often thought "man push cart" was a documentary.  bahrani and i made a bunch of films together, "chop shop"," goodbye solo", "at any price" and the critically acclaimed short film "plastic bag" .  all the films had good festival lives and theatrical releases. "chop shop" was my 2nd nomination for a spirit award.

my career took a strange turn towards commercial filmmaking when tod kip williams asked me to shoot "paranormal activity 2". but truth be told, "pa2" is one of the most unconventional commercial films to reach a blockbuster audience.  kip likes to refer to the style as "bruce nauman meets cassavetes".  that basically means you take a performance artist known for repetitive behavioral performance pieces that never end and combined it with a director who is known for making movies with actors that don't stop talking, and you get paranormal activity 2!

some recent cool projects I have been involved with are "white girl" a dirty little movie that has equally exited audiences as pissed off critics.  "nerve", a movie about the dangers of pier pressure and social media, a favorite amongst the teen sect.  i also shot season two of the hbo comedy, "vice principals", which david gordon green directed.  

some of my recent projects:

  1. the new tracy morgan show that jordon peel and john carcieri created
  2. halloween dir by david gordon green.  technically its halloween 11!
  3. im also restoring a high speed 2 pinball machine.