for me, the creativity of film making starts when scouting locations.  until then it's all speculation wrapped in metaphors; sitting on top of a look book that can't be translated to the screen.  i like to approach every location as if i had to make the scene work in that particular space, as if someone had a gun to my head.  i find it's good practice, keeps you sharp and helps you understand all the ways that particular scene could function.  it takes you away from the so called "vision", which is just another word for "assumption"; brining you to a higher understanding of the material.  then after breaking down the scene on location i prey to god that we find a better location.

scouting is also a nice way to get to know the people i will be working with for the next few months.  you really get to know another man or woman while sitting in traffic for days at a time.  here is a photo of the lovely production designer, tommaso ortino.  this photo was taken while we where scouting Deep Powder in hudson ny.

notes: shot on a pentax spotmatic with a 50mm lens.  color slide film with a cheepo scan to CD.  i think kodak discontinued it.